Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Worms are turning

So the Blair Farewell roadshow is rolling into a Songs of Praise/Blue Peter studio near you. That's all well and good. But previous uber-loyalists Messrs Bryant and Simon have done the old Et tu Brute. Knifing their hitherto commanding officer in an almost Machiavellian manner (it would be Machiavellian if people were fussed what they thought).
I am no fan of Sion Simon and still cannot get round his riposte to legitimate comments made by Harry Cohen MP back in May, but his volte-face is all the more astonishing given this post on Political Hack.
I particularly like the comment posted by Sandwell's finest, Cllr Bob Piper:

Spot on. When Simon finally catches on that Blair is actually going it will be interesting watching him slithering across the floor to toady around the new Leader.

I am no Blairite at all, but it is particularly galling watching these New Labour clones turning on their creator. Frankenstein's monster...

Does Barry know who the other 13 traitors, ahem, I mean colleagues, are, other than Chris Bryant and Sion Simon who have signed the 2001 intake letter to our Great and Glorious Leader?
Albert Owen (Ynys Môn) has written to Blair. I don't know if he is 1 of the signatories or if he wrote seperately.
i must say, however, that i do not hold them all as traitors, there is a legitimate call for Blair to go and one I would support. However, it is the New Labour shape-shifters who should be ashamed.
And by the way we may soon have to rename you A source formerly close to the former PM. I cannot wait.
Its a shame Tom Watson decided to resign. An embarrassment for Bliar and the only thing Mr Bliar could counter his resignation with was that he was going to sack him anyway!! A masterclass in bitterness. Not the way to go...Did I ever mention that Tom's wife is a really fit chick?
Er, do you really think that if Tom Watson hadn't resigned Blair would not have sacked him?

Try this out. Write a letter to your boss telling them they should resign immediately. Then see how they react. Now i rather feel that's not bitterness in action but the price of disloyalty.
will barry be at conference up north this year to witness the further fall outs??
no i won't be at conference.
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