Friday, September 15, 2006

Labour Party REBEL'S saucy EDM

Serial rebel Sion Simon, the Labour Member for Birmingham Erdington, tabled an amendment to Khalid Mahmood's EDM 2126 as follows. Is it just me or is the Motion incomplete? The obvious explanation is that it is a mistake by the Table Office, but I'd rather have a dig instead. You see Sion, this is what you get when you're a rebel without a clue.

EDM 2126A1


Simon, Sion

at end add 'further recognises that HP sauce is a national icon with its trademark picture of the Houses of Parliament on every bottle; and demands that, as long as production remains out of Birmingham or the United Kingdom, Heinz UK

What are you demanding, you demanding man? Possible ends of the sentence could be:

"replace the picture of the Houses of Parliament with a tulip/spliff/clog/chunk of Edam"

"should go f*ck themselves"

"products should be boycotted, including in the Houses of Parliament where they remain the only provider of brown sauce, so essential to a bacon sandwich"

"should cut my hair"

I think the cutting of the hair is deffo the best option!
Hey, hey, don't be hairist. :-/
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