Sunday, January 28, 2007

Personal disclosure

It may come as a surprise to some of you that myself and fellow blogger, the Lord Lucan are having a love affair. It's early days at the moment, but is going excellently and we are both very, very happy. At this juncture, I suppose I should point out that our affair is not with each other, but rather with the freeview channel, Ftn. Ftn is like a compilation of highlights from Living TV, Challenge, Trouble and Bravo.
Over a jar and a game of arrows, I mentioned how I had been surfing freeview and found this channel that was banging out some quality classic Bullseye and the good Lord knew exactly what I was talking about and replied that Ftn also shows the Krypton Factor. Ftn can, and does, additionally boast old episodes of the Crystal Maze. Great stuff. So today, I have watched Bullseye, the Krypton Factor and also Derek Acorah, a guy who gets possessed by spirits - tonight he was hunting round after Matthew Hopkins, the old witch-hunter. Another highlight will be Thursday's episode of Booze Britain focussing on Canterbury, my old university stamping ground. Oh to see what I missed out on during my student days.

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Ftn is the bomb. Also though have you been watching world series poker on challenge?

I can't play poker to save my life and barely understand the rules. Nevertheless, it is excellent late night tv.
i am a massive fan of poker on tv. more a fan of the professionals rather than the celebs. there's some chinese guy whose name currently escaps me who is the bomb.
i have been catching the poker on Ftn and can only assume that this has been shown on Challenge, so in a word 'yes'
Crystal Maze? I'm sold!
Boozing in Canterbury...I'm gonna have to watch that now!
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