Monday, July 30, 2007

Beef Discontinued

The passing of Mike Reid and Shambo serve as the last straws, I'll leave you with my favourite two posts:

The Bobby George Interview

and the Lieutenant Gruber Interview that took the world by storm

It's been fun, but I'm now off to become a teacher. See you.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The reason behind Sven's failure as England manager becomes apparent

You can't play Brazilians, Swiss or Italians in your national team.

The new and improved safe, reliable and comfortable...escalator?

It's a fucking escalator. Just get it working. How much money has been splaffed up the wall in the making and maintenance of Portcullis House? I mean how many times does one or tother of the kitchen's functions break down? I did like the recent return to paper plates. What with the furore of Lords getting passes for lobbyists and the massive impression this can make on clients, perhaps the national media should shift her attention to where the poor sup could actually go.
There are the non-functioning toilets, the escalator that doesn't escalator (not forgetting the lifts that do not lift) or my personal favourite the trays in the Debate that are practically welded together.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Labour: the Party of Keir Hardie, Quentin Davies and Digby Jones

Suffice to say the lack of blogging here recently has, in part, been due to the Labour Party deciding to become a National Government. Some have rejoiced (no, really) about Quentin Davies defecting, like it's anything for Labour to be proud of. I mean he's not Labour. And Digby Jones?
I'd say I was surprised, but I am yet to get over my disgust.

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