Thursday, December 07, 2006

Celebrity Big Brother (with added celebrities)

I was having a pint with a chum last night who informed me that Prof Stephen Hawkings, the writer of A Brief History in Time, has been approached to 'star' in the next series of Celebrity Big Brother.
Someone is quoted as saying:"When Stephen heard, a big grin spread across his face. He thought it was very funny"
Poor bloke probably thought someone was taking the p*ss. The source continues: "He gets wacky offers all the time and is always turning stuff down. He has a good sense of humour and might find being in the house amusing for a bit. But he would end up bored rigid" I love that sentence: "He gets wacky offers all the time and is always turning them down. He has a great sense of humour" Sounds like saying he's a great laugh, but tell him a joke and he won't smile.
"But he would end up bored rigid" Wouldn't be on his own there, would he?
Other celebrities tenuously linked to the next Celeb BB include 'the Hoff' David Hasselhoff; the disgrace d/ful Jeffrey Archer and Adam Ant.

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Stephen Hawkings has a great sense of humour.

a) He used to appear on TV Offal with Victor Lewis Smith laughing at himself


b)He supported Anne Campbell in Cambridge. :-/ (
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Seriously is The Hoff going to be on Celeb BB. I know it is a piss poor programme but with the Hoff, it has potential.
Apparently Ruby WAx is also lined up!
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