Friday, December 09, 2005

The Battle of Britain

The problems of wearing clashing outfits

Saturday will see (yes actually on terrestial TV) Audley Harrison square off against Danny Williams. Despite the lovey-dovey appearance in the above picture, there is quite a lot of animosity here. This, of course, helps if you intend to smack seven shades of sh*t out of someone.
Audley says he will use his full arsenal, so don't expect him to be wearing clown shoes and a blindfold come Saturday. Danny Williams claims Audley "hits like a girl". Don't laugh mate, that's what Ross Kemp said before he got a fat lip off his missus*.
Ex-World Champ Lennox Lewis was quick to give his two-penneth. Saying Williams throws punches from all angles. Unless he has suddenly turned into Stretch Armstrong, this is physically impossible. Lennox says Audley has more strength and more talent.
In ending (hopefully) their verbal contre-temps Williams said of Harrison, "He talks so much. Fighters like Prince Naseem Hamed talk and they deliver but he doesn't deliver. That's why I want to beat him up."
I think these days Naseem Hamed mainly delivers pizzas.

* allegedly

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