Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The End of an Era

How the team may look in the future

The old London Routemaster buses have finally been retired to give way to a world of 2 mile-long bendy-buses and gas powered environmental public transport. As the Olympics draw nearer, London has lost one of its iconic tourist attractions only now to be found on heritage routes. Yet is this really a bad thing?

Whilst it is easy to get sentimental, my thoughts are more to do with how easy Inspector Blakey’s job would be in this brave new modern public transport world without clippies and the worry of “lecherous morons” Stan Butler and Jack Harper high jinx together making his life hell. With increased accountability to the regulators, performance targets to meet, no effective Unions to stop him sacking staff for gross misconduct, and above all being in charge of a fleet of buses that would not go fast enough through puddles to leave him soaked would bring joy to his heart. Oh yes, Blakey would surely approve of the current transport revolution.

Massive thanks to Big Johnnie for donating this post. Don't get too attached to him though because as he is not in a Union I have already dispensed off his services.

One character interested by the end of the Routemaster is Cheap-as-chips, David Dickinson wannabe, Recess Monkey's all-time darling, Annesley 'the Future' Abercorn

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