Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Evans above

Barry Evans: Enough to turn justice on its head

What a week for Pat Evans (nee Butcher, nee Beale, nee Harris). Pat is set to give evidence against Janine. However, Janine is innocent. At least of this crime. She did murder Barry, her then husband, but did not kill Laura who fell down the stairs and broke her neck. Pat however is that rarest of Cockney creatures. A real 24 carat diamond (and real life lesbian to boot). She wants to testify against Janine so she gets justice for doing in fat Barry. She admits this to her long-time adversary/chum Mo, who replies, like any good Cockney: "Flaming Ada". Not put off, Pat justifies her actions by saying she knows its wrong but if she doesn't she, and this quote is verbatim, "...have Barry's fat little face haunting me the rest of my life". Fair enough Pat, if it helps I think Janine helped out Stanley 'Tookie' Williams on a couple of hits too.

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