Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Holding back the years

Yesterday I was going to do a post about Steve Davis rolling back the years to polish off reigning UK champ Steven Maguire, but damn and blast if work didn't get in the way.
However, last night the oldest player on the main tour belied his 48 years (he can still walk!?!) and beat Irishman Ken Doherty to reach the Semi-Final where he will play Stephen Hendry.
It's great to see Davis back to his best, if only for his great nicknames: "The Galaxy"; "The Nugget"; "Mr Interesting" and "Romford Slim". Showing his delight, Davis lived up to his interesting reputation by saying: "I'm so happy to be playing well at the minute" - no, really? To be fair he did say some more after this but, by then, no-one was listening.

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