Thursday, January 12, 2006

5 years of Sven Goran Nokia

Sven showing more emotion than usual

Who'd have thunk it? Today marks 5 years of Svennis. I'm not a particular fan of him, but do acknowledge some great moments: the 5-1 thrashing of Germany; beating Argentina 1-0 in the 2002 World Cup and the recent 3-2 friendly victory over Argentina spring to mind. However, debacles such as defeat against Australia and Northern Ireland and plenty of unconvincing performances against footballing giants like Azerbaijan; Macedonia; Wales and a total lack of plan B during the 2004 Euros after Wayne Rooney spacked his foot up serve as more painful memories.
Whilst looking for a suitable picture of Svennis, I stumbled across this one which makes me regret not finding it before Christmas.

And indeed who can forget Sven's classics:

1) 30 odd caps for Emile Heskey
2) Phil Neville accumulating over 50 caps (albeit not all of them under the Swede's stewardship)
3) Chris Powell international left-back
4) Luke Young international right-back
5) Michael Ball (not the singer, but can you imagine: love changes everything apart from that you aint much good)
6) Francis 'Fox in the Box' Jeffers
7) Michael 'Plays football like he's got' Ricketts
8) Zat 'so bad he makes my teeth hurt' Knight

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