Friday, January 06, 2006

Bottom of the Klass

Myleene, a klass act.

Over Christmas, I was fortunate enough to catch Celebrity Mastermind. I must admit I had seen it in the Radio Times and had seen Myleene Klass would be appearing and her specialist subject was Sex and the City. No way I thought, there is too much to know. No great intellect could know everything. Conceive of my relief when I read on to see 'Series 3'. That right. Not only seeing fit to defile the title 'Mastermind' by answering questions on Sex and the City, she was only going to answer on Sex and the City Series 3. Sheesh, Fred Housego must be fuming.
Anyway up she gets and is off like a whippet (metaphorically) answering 17 straight questions correctly without a pass or wrong answer in sight. During the 18th question the buzzer beeps, "I've strated so I'll finish"; it was some question about a Vice President (not political it was off Sex and the City, Series 3). She hesitates and blurts out 'Dennis Quaid'. Excuse me? She rapidly tries to correct herself by saying 'Oh no, it's JFK'. Of course, either Dennis Quaid or JFK. They sound so alike too. The answer was 'Dan Quayle' (sp?). Excellent.
However, after the first round she was in the lead. On her General Knowledge round she scored 1. That's 1 out of about 20. She finished last. What a dunce. But great TV.

Yep, i was annoyed by her 'specialist subject' too, but thought I'd just seem petty if I blogged about it!

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