Wednesday, January 18, 2006

An Epiphany on the Tube

Making your mind up

'"Are you worried by thinning hair?" I was.' So speaks Cheryl Baker formerly of Bucks Fizz and Recorder Breakers fame. These adverts, on the Tube, are for Nourkrin, an anti-balding concotion of alleged great potency, and are giving Cheryl an Underground following (boom, boom). In a new celebrity incarnation Cheryl has fought, and beaten, hair loss. Mazel Tov. You are a Record Breaker and if I shut my eyes I can almost hear Kris Akabusi laughing suitably (?!?) loudly and encouragingly.
Nourkrin is available at Holland & Barrett, Boots and Superdrug. Alternatively for a private and confidential, on the QT chat (and to get the real Grade A top sh*t ;-0) call 08453990022. So if you have over-indulged over Yuletide and want to make a New Years' resolution to stop being so bald call that number and have hair like Cheryl Baker - a must for men and women alike. Now where's my phone...

I used some of this stuff on a stag do sometime ago. Unfortunately I've now got to braid my arse hair!!
I suspect that this is a very thinly (ahem) disguised attempt to get some free product from the manufacturers...
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