Monday, January 02, 2006

Ho Ho Ho becomes Ha Ha Ha

Last night on Channel 4 Stephen Fry precided over the 50 greatest comedy films ever. I do enjoy a good laugh whether it be Eastenders or happy-slapping. I quickly scanned my DVD collection thinking who could make it...
To get it out of the ways films I wanted in that weren't were Dudes Where's My Car; Zoolander; the Royal Tenenbaums; The Man With Two Brains; Hot Shots!; Top Secret; Dodgeball; Undercover Brother and Anchorman.
One film that did slip my mind was Bridget Jones. Oh joy. We're off with a Richard Curtis film. I think he did this one? I don't care. All films of this genre will be referred to on this site - whether justly or not - as a Richard Curtis film. They are all gentle, all heart-warming and all not funny enough to be in the Top 50.
Next we plunge into comedy crap and bring out Team America. And later at #5 South Park. Eh, ever? Just offensive, pointless, pseudo-intelligent, gross-out rubbish. With a few funny lines granted.
More Richard Curtis: 4 Weddings and Full Monty. Top 50? Who's voting on this piece of sh*t thing anyway? Was it a Radio 4 poll? Or was it Jose Manuel Barroso? He's powerful, you know.
I am getting frustrated writing this, so I'll get to it now: Monty Python wins. Life of Brian. Good film, yes. Funniest? No, never ever ever - just the same as Fawlty Towers is not the Best Sitcom. Good but incredibly over-rated.
And at #3 Shaun of the Dead? Huh????????? Is someone taking crazy pills here? Annie Hall is stuck at #11 - 8 places below this??? The world has gone mental.
All in all a very frustrating 3 hours wasted.
Sadly, Mutiny on the Buses was #51

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