Friday, January 06, 2006

MP enters House of Commoners

Gorgeous George is in da House.

There is a lot of furore over Galloway being in Big Brother. I don't care for the man, and am not too fussed if he is there or in Parliament. Critics have been vocal: "What about his constituents, who is going to represent them?". Shouldn't haved voted him in then, should they?
I was looking at a BBC poll on this subject and found the following entry the best:
"We are ALWAYS looking for our MP's to be in the world of reality, and we are always looking for ways to get to know our MP's true philosophies and drives. What better way could we find to scrutinize? MP's should have to go through a reality programme before they are elected."
So presumably his drive is to befriend Rula Lenska - they have a mutual friend (how Dickensian?) through the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign.

Caught last nights Celeb Big Bro. Needed a stiff drink after that. Old Georgy Boy wanting to be in touch with reality ? Look at the freak show he's included himself in. When are you ever going to see a six foot tranny with about as much plastic as a fake christmas tree (it being seasonal and all) cosying up to an MP ? Ok don't answer that one, a Mr Barymore who can't stop crying every few seconds. That man needs help not a TV show. Sorry I can't go on too many disturbing things happening on that program...
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