Monday, January 09, 2006

Norman Shaw South Photocopiers

They do exactly what it says on the sheet

Good day! I have had the pleasure of working in Norman Shaw South for a few months now, and have been continually annoyed that the communial photocopiers are total rubbish. For copiers the basic necessity, one would think, is to copy sheets of paper. However, these monstrous machines jam and do various odd functions that cause immense frustration.
Even more annoying is that every time I go to use the copiers, they are not working. For some reason various peeps, or staffers as Recess Monkey would call them, do not call for help or roll their sleeves up to sort them out. Yours truly, bull of the people, can be found regularly unjamming the machines.
So today I go to the copiers, they are jammed (both of them), I unjam them and then see someone is similarly irked to the extent they have pinned the above notice to the board. Let's hope we get some copiers then. Portcullis House is too far away.

I am a photocoier unblocker too!

People are so selfish nowadays - I blame it on the increase in Tories! :-)

Now I've made the move from Norman Shaw to PCH there are certainly less blockages, but also an amusing increase in drunken Glaswegians kicking copiers for little apparent reason!

I can't normally work out what is being muttered, but I am sure the copiers deserve it!
do you think there is a corrolation between the copiers working better and having a drunken wegie to kick it. maybe every office should emloy one?
Whilst you're complaining, how about getting them to leave some bloody bags with the shredder in the basement of NSN?
Portcullis House is not too far away from the Norman Shaws! Good grief, you can get from one to t'other without ever getting your hair wet!
OK so the two articles I have had the most feedback on are photocopiers and marijuana.
Hmmmmmmmm...getting to know my audience
Would an increase in marijuana decrease the mental health impact of photocopier angst?
As I'm hoping to be working for someone in Norman Shaw soon, I demand that the photocopiers be replaced with all due haste so that my already elevated blood pressure isn't sent through the roof.
Know wonder the photocopier keeps breaking - if only people would stop using the automatic document feeder to roll their afternoon spliff!
Yep. Sorry about the autofeeder. I was having problems with RSI.
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