Monday, January 16, 2006

Shock Horror: Henman in losing sensation

Plays air tennis with a guitar and air guitar with a tennis racquet

Oh dear. Tiger Tim or Timmy the end is nigh. Henman Hill will become Murray Mount. I always found Tiger a little bit annoying, ok a big bit. It's not his continued "brave Brit gets to Quarters/Semi" schtick. It's something about him. Sorry. If the rumours of him, one day, becoming a Tory MP candidate are true this would probably explain it.
This time, it was his Wimbledom tormentor Dmitri Tursunov who hammered another nail into Henman's coffin beating him 7-5 3-6 4-6 5-7. In the last set Timmy was 5-1 up to lose 7-5.
With Andy Murray also crashing out in straight sets and Greg Rusedski not playing this tournament due to his wife, Lucy, being about to drop; Britan's hopes are already over.

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