Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fearless hack reveals 1st confirmed case of bird flu

Don't order the Green Chicken Curry

I take it all back if my approach had been flippant, my #1 hack Brandy Nipples has sent me this disturbing image confirming the virulent strain of bird flu H5N1 has reached our shores.
It is with a tear in my eye that I remember Keith and Orville's song:

Orville: I wish I could fly way up to the sky but I can’t,
Keith: You can,
Orville: I can’t!
Orville: I wish I could see what folks see in me but I can’t,
Keith: You can,
Orville: I can’t!
Keith: Look, Orville,
Orville: Yes?
Keith: Nothing that you can say
Will change how I feel today:
I know that we’ll never part;
Now hear what I’m saying, Orville?
Orville: Yes?
Keith: Who is your very best friend?
Orville: You are.
Keith: I’m gonna help you mend your broken heart.
Orville: Thank you. But my heart's fine, I've just been diagnosed with fucking Bird Flu

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