Sunday, February 26, 2006

Not an anti-Semite, just don't like Jews

Ken in poll position for 2006 award too

So Ken has been suspended for four weeks. Apologists leap up and down, Ken's comments were in bad taste, they were not anti-Semitic. And, anyway, anti-Semitic is not only against Jews - aren't Arabs Semites too?
OK, cut the bull if Ken had likened the conduct of a Muslim journalist to that of a guard in Guatanemo Bay, what would the reaction have been? There is no question that Red Ken is inciting religious hatred, the question however remains the same: why do some elements of the Left continue to show an anti-Jewish sentiment? Anti-Zionist is another concept all together.
The Mayor of London should be permanently walking on egg shells and must be aware at all times of any possible offence he may cause to any religious or racial set. Like most Londoners, I am up for racial equality; but sometimes with Ken it seems that some are more equal than others.

p.s Sorry for the serious note of this post, but the shockingly poor visitor stats over the weekend led me to think my all-too-few regulars would not be too bothered.

p.p.s I nicked the cartoon off this site, click on image to make bigger

Hmm. i think a better analogy would have been if he made a guantanamo comment to a muslim journalist working for Fox News, or some other suitably right-wing outlet...

I think it's best to give him the benefit of the doubt in situations like that... as a man who has spent his life fighting racism and discrimination of all forms, we should interpret his comments within such a context.

its not like he has a history of antisemitic remarks and viewpoints like the SWP/RESPECT and all those other pseudo-lefties.

Not that I'm trying to argue that he wasn't insensitive, by the way. under such scrutiny, politicians have to be really careful how they say things.
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