Monday, February 13, 2006

Passion of the Pats

Not the only things Pat's being pulling

Frank would be appalled, Roy would be spinning in his grave, Peggie would probably denounce her as a slut and Mo 'Arris would think she was back on the game. Trough in hand, Pat has applied enough slap-on to seduce her latest beau, Mr Patrick Trueman. But Patrick you are married to Yolande. Not to mention Pat mings bad. Real bad.
My favourite quote of this triste thus far is from Patrick: "Pat Evans, you is one wanton woman". Too right pal! He also seems unperturbed that she has a face like a bag of smashed crabs.
And for those of you who suspect Pat is a bit of a dog...

Nice to see she was supporting the Livestrong Campaign even before Lance Armstrong got cancer! :-)
She's one of those women who looks like they've got a moustache but it's just an optical illusion.
I was wondering if any of you know what Pat told Patrick she needed in a recent conversation. The conversation was about how women of a certain age has needs. She said, "Well you see Patrick, I need, I need to feel that I'm getting some......"
What is the 'some' she needs???
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