Monday, February 27, 2006

Smell my Cheese

Loads of cheese, Welsh cheese, St David's day...I know, WELSH CHEESE WEEK!

Previously, it has been the great British Food fortnight (so good, it stretched a fortnight. Actually, full marks to the brain-trust for getting away with menus consisting of Shropshire Chicken Tikka, East London Penne and Cornish Chili Con Carne and other such fraudulent dishes.) In the latest of the House of Common's Refreshment Department's great ideas to make their cr*p, over-priced and normally not-enough-to-fill-an-anorexic-model portions more attractive to the discerning public, or employees of the House, comes Welsh Cheese Week. Well, what a rare bit of good fortune for mal-nourished staffers eveywhere to gorge themselves on the proffered smorgasbord. If llanboidy (follow the link to explain comedic misspelling) fancies any of this, it is available everywhere and will advertised to the hilt for some unbeknown reason.
Personally, I will be caerphilly avoiding all this cheese. But for those cheeseheads amongst you, I hope this book has been consulted.

hahahahaha caerphilly avoiding hahahahaha That were edam good pun Beefcake!
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