Thursday, February 23, 2006

Two Tales of One City

Liverpool readying itself for the 2008 title of European City of Culture

Say Liverpool to people and you're likely to get one of two polemic answers. On one hand people will wax lyrically about either 5 European Titles, the Beatles, the People's Club, the docks etc, whilst others would point towards Militant, thieving Scousers, shellsuits and 'Calm down, calm down'.
Today sees two pieces of Liverpudlian news hit the backpages. Firstly, the tragic injury to summer signing Momo Sissoko. The Malian international suffered a freak injury in Liverpool's defeat to Benfica on Tuesday and is now facing the prospect of losing the sight in his right eye. Let's hope that this doesn't happen and Sissoko is back sooner rather than later.
The other story is also injury-related. Few football fans would have not seen Alan Smith's leg snapping like a poppadom after charging down a John Arne Riise free-kick at the weekend. Today, it has emerged that some Liverpool 'fans' sought to overturn the ambulance taking Smith to hospital after it got stuck in traffic.
These people are real sick scum and there is no excuse at all for such behaviour. At least they didn't nick the hubcaps when the ambulance was stationary.

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