Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Accy on the up

Accrington Stanley milking it

Boy 1 enters shot, puts ball on top of fridge, and opens it

Boy 2: "Got any lemonade?"
Boy 1: "If you want!" (he takes a bottle of milk from the fridge)
Boy 2: "Milk.....Ugh!"
Boy 1: "It's what Ian Rush drinks."
Boy 2: "Ian Rush?"
Boy 1: "Yeah, an' he says if I didn't drink lots of milk, when I grow up I'll only be good enough to play for Accrington Stanley!"
Boy 2: "Accrington Stanley? ... Who are they??!"
Boy 1: "Exactly!"

Boy 2 tries to get to Boy 1's milk.

Boy 1: "Nah, gerroff!"
Boy 2: "Gimmie some!"

Yes, the immortal advert for milk which entered Accrington Stanley into the folklore of everyone aged more than 24ish. And now Accy find themselves on the brink of regaining their place in the Football League after having been relegated in 1962. The kid in that advert is now a manchild called Carl Rice and he was invited to the recent home match vs. Stevenage (1-1) as a sort of guest of honour.
After a little bit of digging I found a couple of facts about Accy. Firstly, Accrington F.C (not Stanley, but another Accrington - same place, different team) were one of the original 12 Football League teams. However they dropped out of the league in 1893 (only founded in 1888), and folded shortly afterwards due to financial problems, thus giving Accrington the distinction of being the only town to have lost two football league clubs.
Famous Accrington peeps include Ronnie 'the Rocket' Baxter and Mystic 'happy medium' Meg. So congratulations and any team whose renaissance is in part due to the money gained through a percentage sell-on clause of Brett Ormerod is alright by me.

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