Monday, March 06, 2006

Achtung! Dummkopf.

German hearse driver in need of 'Respect' agenda

Found out about the interesting case of a 42 year old hearse driver in Krefeld, Germany, who was arrested for driving a hearse whilst inebriated. Or as Americans would say he got a DUI.
The hapless hun (to go all Daily Mail)got drunk after being invited back to a wake by a grieving widow following her husband's funeral. When stopped by the Police (the pigs variety rather than Sting and that bloke off Just the Two Of Us) the drunk driver started a fight and bit an officer several times in the hand. Apparently the driver was dead drunk. It was his first time driving in a funeral procession and had never had a reHEARS(E)al. The officer said: "The hearse driver nearly fell over when he got out of the car. Then he had to hold onto everything he could find as he stumbled to the house."
He faces assault and drink driving charges, but in a progressive move German authorities have vowed not to shoot him dead.

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