Sunday, March 26, 2006

Alright bruv?


Mitchell's Phil and Grant are back in the Square and this time its personal! Proper Eastend boys, it's good to have them both back. Watch out Johnny Allan, you're dead man walking.
Please check this link for Phil having fun, or this link for a mask (I have one waiting to be donned) or this one if you're feeling brave (especially when there's Mitchells about)

Do you think they'll make figurines out of them ?
Which one got beaten-up by posh totty Rebekah Wade?
That'll be the tall walking penis.
Rebekkah wade *allegedly* done Grant, but I understand your confusion, cos on the same day Phil's missus was *alleged* to have beaten him too. Sorry that's Steve not Phil (note to self Phil and Grant are not real...). I believe there was some rumour (by I believe, I mean there was) that Ross Kemp and Steve McFadden sought solace in each other's arms. Amazing some of the untrue smut that's peddled.
I totally believe the man on man love theory. Same hair cut, same leather jackets...
You've got a very similar haircut too. 2 darts with 2 mitchells...
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