Monday, March 27, 2006

Always happy to oblige

Here are a few more dire waxworks, I hope you enjoy. Skuds - if you wanna nick them just copy them off here, it's all I did off someone else's site.

OK then this is bad. There's Daley Thompson, Eddie 'the Eagle' and, believe it or not, Kevin Keegan looking like he never has before. The guy on Eddie's left, I can only assume to be Eddie Kidd in healthier times.

It's not only sports personalities who get the hot wax treatment; here's TV funnyman Jim Davidson. You can tell cos of the name plate. In the background are luminaries including Mr Blobby and Noel Edmonds (BAFTA nominee) and you can clearly see Rene Artois from 'Allo 'Allo and sign for Ewing from Dallas.

Jason and Kylie are present too. Wearing clothes donated by local charity shops. In their prime, Jason and Kylie were quite the cool kids, but according to their dress sense they were eminently responsible and enjoyed nothing more than a cup of tea and a hobnob.

And finally here she is, the best Queen we never had (joint best with that Jeanette Krankie), Princess Diana, the Princess of Hearts. I think the bouffanty hair dates this during her marriage to Prince Charles. A truly appalling waxwork made by a candle in the wind.

Without looking at the name I thought the Jim Davidson one looked more like our leader, Tony Bliar. Sorry Blair.
Just saw that Eddie Kidd (if that's him) is on the Eagle's right and not his left. Confusing.
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Kevin Keegan also doubles as Brian May
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