Monday, March 20, 2006

Big Phil for England

A bit of emotion in a manager?

With the World Cup about 80 days away and Sven going just after England flatter to deceive and get to the Quarters (actually I think we'll win the World Cup. Despite Sven rather than because of him) the question remains as to who will succeed Svennis. Sir Trevor Brooking recently returned as a pundit on the Beeb and when asked about the managerial position, helpfully said that the successful applicant could be English, British or foreign. Thanks for clearing up that it won't be a Martian, Trev.
To be brutal, Curbishley and McClaren are not good enough. Allardyce would turn the team into Bolton and that would be a disaster for England. Pearce is not ready. This leaves Martin O'Neill (the Beeb's fave); Gus Hiddink and Luis Felipe Scolari.
I will say now it has *got* to be Big Phil. Not only does he look like Gene Hackman, but he has a knowledge and passion for the English game. I remember him once citing Brian Clough and Notts Forest as inspirations. I think he meant Forest late 70s model rather than the current Division 1 fodder. He has emotion, of which I think England are in desperate need. An unnamed England player (generally thought to be Graham Le Saux) commented that at half-time during the England vs. Brazil 2002 Quarter Final England needed a speech befitting Winston Churchill and what they got was Iain Duncan Smith. And the Brazilian coach that day? Scolari, of course. And who won the World Cup? Brazil.

Big Phil or Big Sam?

What about Big Daddy???

Tow words why the manager must not JUST have a bit of emotion - Kevin Keegan!!!

But I'm not agaisnt a bit of emotion - or Phil or Sam. Or Chas and Dave come to that.

I don't want Martin O'Neill to do it because I like him too much - look what happened to Graham Taylor.

Actually I wrote a big defence of Martin O'Neill at Paul Burgin's site if you have time to read it:

And when you speak of Forest being in Div 1 I presume you mean League One (old Div 3) - where Sheffield Wednesday will be next year. ;-)
5 points clear of relegation after having beated Preston 2-0. That's only Preston's 2nd defeat in 27 games.
I didn't say the manager JUST needs emotion. I did mention Big Phil won the World Cup. Something that Sam Allardyce hasn't (only becuase of a dodgy ref mind. he lost to Argentina in the final on his ps2).
I'll give your defence of Martin O'Neill a miss for now...
I know you didn't say JUST emotion - but the idea of Kevin Keegan just scares me that much!!!
why don't we JUST keep on typing JUST at each other in caps lock? JUST A WORD
NO, I will JUST stick a CAPS in your ass in a minute if you aren't careful. :-)
It would be sublime if dem gangstas adopted a different approach. "My dear boy, if you're not careful one will put a cap in ones ass"
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