Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Blunt and to the point

Don't go to the sea with this guy

We recently got a digital DAB radio in the office, and not being the coolest of kids (no shit, I write a blog) I listened to the tunes not really knowing who was who, or what was what. Those days of ignorant bliss are sadly long gone and I wish to vent my anger in the direction of James Blunt. The mop-haired guy who sings like a girl.
Now if "You're beautiful" being the worst aesthetic song since Baby Bird's horrible "You're gorgeous" isn't enough his latest offering, "Wise Men" plunges new depths of debauchery. The first verse contains the lyrics, "And they're really sorry now for what they've done, They were three Wise Men just trying to have some fun" and you're just thinking fair play, 3 lads having a laugh, enjoying the craic and they're sorry; just forgive them. But then it emerges, in the chrous of all places, that "Those three Wise Men, They've got a semi by the sea."
I'm none too sure this is what our youngsters need being transmitted over the wavelengths. It's the lunatics running the asylum.

How much stamp duty did they pay on it?
Thankfully, I have no idea what the going rate of stamp duty on a semi is. By the sea or inland
Barry, Are you by any chance going to find out what the going rate for a pint is tonight?
Not tonight Charlton.
For your info...A three bedroom (three wise men therefore three bedroom) semi by the sea (Isle of Wight) is on the market for £199,950. The stamp duty which would have to be paid on it is £2000. I hope you find that useful.
Not remotely, I was being smutty. Being a well-born Tory you might not have got it
I thought you meant another form of semi, and that they were participating in three-in-a-bed homesexual acts, by the sea.

Incidently, I have no idea what the going rate for three-in-a-bed gay sex is, better ask Mr Oaten...

You know exactly the kind of semi i was referring to
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