Monday, March 13, 2006

Bring back the GLC

Ken Livingstone's favourite band

Of course, I am referring to Goldie Lookin Chain and not the Greater London Council. The Chain are basically awesome and it's a shame they have been dropped by their record label, Atlantic Records, especially when comparing the fates of the Ordinary Boys and the GLC after both had representatives in the Celebrity Big Brother House (Preston and Maggot respectively) The South Wales street collective are still going to release a single on the band's own label Gold Dust hoping to follow-up the success of songs such as Your Mother's Got A Penis and Your Missus Is a Nutter.
Now if I was in the music management business and, let's face it if I was I wouldn't be doing this blog, I would withdraw GLC from the public eye immediately. Let them simmer for a bit and then bring them back as the GLA. Now that would be Safe as Fuck!

You knows it!
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