Thursday, March 30, 2006

Catch-all Mitchell Friday Party Fun

Slags of the world unite. Obviously, not slag as in its sexually promiscuous sense but rather its Eastend gangland meaning. It's Recess! It's Friday! So liven your day up by dressing-up as Eastenders characters. I know! how good? It's not really Phil Mitchell, it's my colleague wearing a Phil Mitchell mask.
Get your masks here and you can even do Eastenders invitations for all your chums. Elsewhere on the 'Stenders BBC microsite you can find other masks including Dot Branning. As a hint, you may need to enlarge the mask using various Microsfot programmes for the optimum mask to actual face size ratio.

Isn't that also your jacket???
Bulls don't wear leather jackets. Bit close to the bone there...
MOOO (do bulls moo?)
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