Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Comedians ink your quills (or whatever the email equivalent is)

Come hither young man in football kit

This is manna from heaven. I was having a brief look on the Working for an MP website and came across a job opportunity from a company called Projecting Politics. Intrigued by the rather snazzy graphic, I looked at the job and to my amusement I found that all you had to do to prove yourself as a writer to encourage youthful participation was to write 250 words on a subject (either for or against) of your choosing (from a provided list). One of the subjects is: Mark Oaten should be Leader of the Liberal Democrats.
Hmmmmm, let me think.
Submissions should be sent, with a C.V and covering letter, to by 5pm, Thursday. That's submissions, not submissives...

Looking for a new job then, Barry?!
not really, just cruising...
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