Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Computer says no

p PICT: rubbish again

This email came through this morning. Yep, PICT's service has returned to normal, which means nice long waits in a queue with the same crap tune in the background followed by some ham and egger singularly failing to help, despite their best efforts.
So thank goodness, it's business as usual...

yeah and they can stick the queen of sheba up their com port! If she knew it would have taken her that long to arrive she would have gone by tube. humpf.
Apparently nobdy waits more than 20 seconds before being answered when they ring. Mind you,at least it's not sodding Greensleeves. I really don't fancy being on PICT hold for 10 minutes listening to that.
That should be nobody. Clearly I can't type or use a computer...maybe I should work for PICT!
You cheeky lamb chop Charlton!
But true. Very poor indeed and I'm ashamed to say it ain't gonna get better. No. No!! I must be positive. Actually, we are all being reassured that these are just minor teething problems and that this an exciting time with many opportunities for so many people......lets see what happens in a couple of years time.
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Oh by the way Bovine Barry, you do realise that the little excerpt that you've put up contains non listed numbers. i.e. not publicly available......
By the way, have you looked at your last article about the juice ole Beefy Boy ? You've made a new friend. Sweet.
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