Monday, March 27, 2006

Deal or no deal?

Bafta nominee Noel Edmonds

What has the world come to? BAFTAs have about as much credibility as MBEs, OBEs and CBEs (unlike becoming a Lord which is a real slog) and Britain's premier televisual awards have plumbed new depths by nominating Noel Edmonds for his role as host, smug git extraordinaire and mannequin for the visually impaired on Deal or No Deal.
Despite being an Ilford-boy, I have never liked Noel Edmonds. I think growing up in the shadow of someone dying (penultimate and one before that paragraphs) during the filming of The Late Late Breakfast Show; or was it those god-awful pullovers, the trimmed bearded (still remains) that suggested a painful history of psychological issues or just his general annoyance factor.
However after Crinkley Bottom was dropped it appeared that Noel was to be left out to pasture. But the Bearded One's now back; this time on Channel 4 hosting Deal or No Deal, which whilst being pretty good has already, in my own esteemed opinion, outlasted its purpose. How many different permutations are left? They should call it quits when Lucy eventually gets called. Poor lady has had to suffer Edmonds for months, she deserves a good bit of lolly.
Noel will go up against Jeremy Clarkson, Jonathan Ross and Jack Dee for the best entertainment performance TV Bafta. AND WE PAY OUR LICENCE FEE FOR THIS? ROLE ON TURNING 75.

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