Sunday, March 05, 2006

Enthusiasm curbed

Larry David: Not on the cheap

Killing time in my nearest town, something I try to do as infrequently as possible, I went into Woolworths and browsed the DVD section. Sweeping past the usual offers at over-inflated prices (crap stuff costs more at Woolworths) I stumbled upon Curb Your Enthusiasm: Series 3 for £12.99. Having just ordered the second series off Ebay for about the same price I thought fate was smiling on me. Fate then flipped me the bird when I went to buy the DVD. It wasn't in stock (why's it on the shelf for sale then??) but they could order it and have it delivered to my house for the same price. Quids in.
However, fate then saw fit to moon me when the sales-girl checked on her system and explained that it would actually cost £18.99 with an extra £2 for post and package. She helpfully advised me to pop back in on Wednesday to see if they had any more in stock. Tempting as it is to take a day off work to go to Woolworths I fear my bargain buy is destined not to happen.

Its only £10.99 on amazon or £11.99 on (with free postage)
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