Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Final 23 - Part I - Goalies

Paul Robinson - Without a shadow of a doubt Robinson is the best keeper in England and when not crippling his England teammates (Owen and Bridge thus far) Robinson gives real steel to the England backline. Gone are the days of watching Seaman get progressively worse and of watching David James try harder and fail. In my opinion he is, after Rooney, England's most important player.

Richard Wright - I have always rated Wright highly, but I cannot deny that his inclusion (in my squad, it is very unlikely he'll make Sven's) is due to a dearth of quality English keepers. I cannot bring myself to put James in because of past failures and Robert Green hasn't had the best season with Norwich. The only other feasible choice would be Chris Kirkland but he is perenially injured. So for my third choice I would go for (brace yourselves Kerron and Wooter)....

Ben Foster - I have only seen him live once and wasn't that impressed (mind the other keeper that day was a decidedly dodgy Nicky Weaver), but as a young keeper with plenty of potential, he has had a strong season with promotion-chasing Watford (Come on! Stuff the Pigs and the Scum) and going to the World Cup would be beneficial. But let me say, injuries permitting, Wright and Foster would have no chance of playing.

You are, of course, right about the lack of depth in this dept and Robinson has had a great season and stands out a mile. Wright and Foster are decent deputies, but no more than that.

Without a doubt the defensive leader will be in the back two and i await your selection in that dept.
Paul Robinson is the ONLY choice.

Glad you didn't mention the equally rick-prone Robert Green at Norwich. That guy flaps like a canary!

We just need someone solid.

As much as I hate to say it, I wouldn't go for Foster. As a fellow keeper, I have to say he is technically not that good, he is just humongous!Unfortunately he relies on his size too much and isn't the safest pair of hands by any stretch of the imagination.
Paul Robisnon, with both Everton keepers, Wright and Martyn as back up. They've both been outstanding (when not injured) this season and you can't get much more experienced than Nigel Martyn.
Just rejoice that none of the names match that of the Manchester City keeper...
Ben Foster? After that last minute Glenn Whelan goal?!
I did mention I wasn't impressed when I saw him live. But who else is there?? Foster might get better? Nigel Martyn is injured and possibly not going to get a contract. Green's not had a good season. James is always likely to spaz up. Who else? Would have been David Lucas, but injured - how's about Scott Carson?
Barry, you've definitely highlighted the fact that we've no decent back-up keepers...Richard Wright and Ben Foster?!

To state the bleedin' obvious, England would be stuffed without Robinson. I remember reading some time ago that Carlo Cudicini would be qualified for England at some stage...he'd be first reserve if he did. Otherwise its only Calamity James in the frame.
I remember that Cudicini rumour and if possible I totally agree. Does anyone else remember Frank Quedrue being able to play for Republic of Ireland through his grandmother? Gotta have rules.
I'd pick Richrd Wright, Ben Foster, Chris Kirkland, Mr Blobby and Dave Beasant before I called David James.
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