Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Final 23

Sven posing with Shaun Wright-Phillips' t-shirt

With the World Cup looming - now less than 80 days away - England have a great chance of winning the tournament. We have some excellent players and quite frankly some other teams are not as strong as they have been previously. But we have Sven. So let's give Sven a hand in choosing the squad because without us he will invariably include some crappy player no-one else in the country would.
After consulting with a fellow blogger and a couple of chums I will start posting on this after lunch. It should keep me awake during the Budget.

Perhaps Marlon King should have a shout.

18 goals this season and looking good.

He maybe too busy touring his new album though.
I mean when they mention Jamaica, we can say - he left of his own accord. :-)
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