Sunday, March 12, 2006

Galloway on TalkSport


It was documented last week that George Galloway had been given a show on TalkSport, the #1 independent radio station in the UK. I'll declare a couple of things before I getting flowing: I don't like George Galloway and I love TalkSport when they talk about sport when it goes poltical/social/current affairs I switch off.
I am sure many Labourites will be righteously slagging off George without having tuned in to his show, equally I am sure his Respect apologists would come from the diametric opposite side. Well, I did tune in on Sunday evening.
Galloway is a thought-provoking man, with beliefs and principles that he holds firm. He does struggle if anyone disagrees with him though. This was evident in Celebrity Big Brother when he saw every other housemate as stupid and inferior. Sadly, he was probably right. He has the method of just cutting people off and not letting a different opinion being heard down to a t. Slightly dictatorial perhaps? However, people who phone into TalkSport to discuss things political tend to be stupid and the sooner George recognises this, the brighter his radio future will be. However, this approach is not unprecedented. DJ assholes such as James Whale, Ian Collins and Mike Dickin are exactly the same. The difference being that Galloway himself is a smart guy, but the biggest difference is that whilst Messrs Whale, Dickin and Collins are horribly right-wing and bigoted; Galloway is equally bigoted but left-wing instead. Strange for TalkSport where membership of the Hitler Jugend is an advantage rather than essential and where presenters are vetted for any liberal sentiment.
So here's the rub. If Galloway could gets his head out of his own derriere and talk on broad subjects from a left-wing perspective the show has potential to redress the balance. As it is it will be George Galloway as a show pony, a bitter man discussing only Middle East policy issue, which as important as it is; doesn't flick my switch for Sunday night entertainment.

Possibly the most dodgy picture of Galloway yet. HEADLINE: Galloway and rentboy sex scandal ?
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