Friday, March 24, 2006

How to get £14 million quick

Is Djibril Cisse the answer to the Labour Party's woes?

Djibril Cisse, yes him of tattoos, improbable muscles, lightning speed and ability not to score against all odds has emerged as a shock makeweight in a deal that could save the Labour Party. It was Gerard Houllier who signed him from Auxerre for £14 million and with Nasser Hussain look-a-like, Rafael Benitez having already fallen out of love with him; it appears that he may be off-loaded.
£14 million. Now where's that figure familiar from? Is it the Queen's overdraft? No, I don't think so. Now come on. Think. Concentrate. 14 million...Is it the number of viewers Davina McCall has lost in the last month?
Hold on it's the combined debt accrued by the Labour Party in loans from Gulam Noon, Chai Patel, Ron Aldridge, Lord Sainsbury et al. So is there any way Benitez would loan Cisse to Number 10 (he is Numer 9 for Liverpool)? Labour could then keep Cisse on the bench for departmental questions as collateral until the monies are paid off legally?

I think we can all see a huge swing to the left there! ;-)
Checking out the boys again Kerron? Guess that ebay bid never came to fruition...
I refer you to this article, cheeky chappie!

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