Monday, March 06, 2006

Key to the Loch

An illusion shattered?

There really is nothing to report today. What a dull day. So thanks to Brandy Nipples for bringing this to my attention. A theory has been put forward that the Monster is no Monster, but rather than sightings being fabricated or just floating logs; Neil Clark, curator of palaeontology at Glasgow University's Hunterian Museum says that Nessie may actually be an elephant, or several elephants at different times to be precise. Apparently, circuses used to be all the range in Scotland (before the discovery of the deep fat fryer) and the elephants were allowed to swim in the Loch (which, on a side note, is more than Dudley Council allow children to do in their own pool!). However, sightings of Nessie date back to the 6th century, a time before circuses and possibly even before Carneys (circus folk, small hands, mell of cabbage) and recent sightings would also not be clarified by this explanation.
When asked whether Nessie existed Dr Clark said: "I do believe there is something alive in Loch Ness."
Which sort of disproves his theory? So it appears Nessie is destined to be an unexplained mystery in much the same way as Juan Sebastian Veron's inability to play well in the Premiership.

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