Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen: let's play darts

Deadline approaching

It will soon be the annual House of Commons Darts competition. Whilst the pool tournament has taken place in the cosy and selective Annie's Bar; the darts are thrown in the Sports and Social, a pub which is open to all.
To enter the competition please email and the deadline is this Friday. All entrants must be Sports and Social members, which costs £5 a year.
A particular plea to Researchers and Caseworkers. Last year there were only two such combatants, one of whom has since left. It'd be nice to have a more reflective tournament. Indeed, in my first tournamnet I played in the doubles with an anonymous blogger (Recess Monkey) and crashed and burned in the first round.
There will be mens and womens singles and a doubles tournament.

Was there a deadline ?
Barry - if you want another researcher to help you crash and burn in the first round, I'm happy to offer my services. I can't possibly be worse than Recess Monkey :)
I have a doubles partner already thanks for the offer, but i'd advise anyone to take part. RESEARCHERS AND CASEWORKERS OF THE WORLD (or Parliament) UNITE
As the bloke organising the tournament in question. It would be great to see more people getting involved but please get your name in as soon as possible the deadline for entries in tomorrow (Friday). Thanks which case could the bloke organising the tournament have a supply of quality stems and flights. Perhaps a dart board too ?
Oh and a spare bulb for the lamp that keeps blowing up and a dart sharpener. Dancing girls perhaps ? Oh and some tape for the oche ?
next you'll be asking for something to be done about the electronic scoreboard which sporadically gives off electric shocks when putting ur score in.
Nah leave the scoreboard as is. It adds excitement and accidental additional points when one is not looking. I've noticed your score magical go from 33 to 333. Odd that ?!?
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