Friday, March 31, 2006

Lib Dem Cllr caught with his pants down

When not playing with his organ (see post below) there is nothing the good Bishop of Brustwerk prefers than to surf the Internet. Sometimes the Bishop multi-tasks and does both activities at the same time. At his ripe age that is no mean achievement.
So who's this ripped, cut, jakked and tonk young man in the photo? Well the Bishop (no bashing gags...) revealed it's none other than Lib Dem Lambeth Cllr Charles Anglin advertising himself on a gay dating website. This is quite similar to the furore caused by Rhondda MP, Chris Bryant when a picture of him surfaced on t'internet in his underwear (although I think the pic of him on the Web came about via a disgruntled ex-amour).
In fact the reaction of their respective parties are eerily...well judge for yourself. When defending Anglin's naivety (let's be generous) Lambeth's Liberal Democrat leader, Cllr Peter Truesdale said the pictures were a private matter. And when defending Chris Bryant, a Welsh Labour spokesman said: "It's a private matter..." Spooky!
You know what people get up to in the privacy of their own lives is their business, but it really is strange for supposed savvy peeps to present what is, in essence, an open goal. And unlike Emile Heskey, I don't miss open goals.
In his web advert, Anglin is ANGLING for loving action by saying how arousing he finds wrestling. I wonder if he is also a footie fan? If he is, he might be interested in this opening.

I'm not sure he will be interested in Mark Oaten's opening, but hey. :-)

"Jakked and tonk" - no idea what this means. Is it more of your gay slang Barry?

Pelauri is so last year. :-)

Anyway, I don't have any problem with people doing this kind of thing. It's no worse than your friends selling you on E-bay for a date is it?

Sorry, no idea why I picked that example. ;-)
Cllr Cross - 'jakked' and 'tonk' are not gay slang at all, 'jakked' his U.S slang for well built and muscular as is 'tonk' but that's more south london black vernacular. i used to hang in the hood in days gone by.
i'm honoured to be ur friend kerron and i still can't believe your tory 'but still up for redistributing wealth' girlfriend didn't see fit to cough up 25p for your virtue
Barry, I think we all feel for Kerron's loss on that one. Perhaps we should re-auction Kerron and inform Cllr Anglin that it's a 25p 'instant purchase' Then they could wrestle over who's gonna fill Mark Oaten's opening...
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