Monday, March 13, 2006

Lord Priory, low priority

Money for nothing

So a guy donates £100,000 to the Labour Party and then loans them £1.5 million and, without his knowledge, is then nominated by-said Labour Party for a peerage. Whilst opponents of the Government will be apopletic in their protestations of corruption and 'typical Labour' guffawing, I think this is important beyond the media's one dimensional ratings/circulation-based offerings.
So Prescott doesn't pay his Council Tax? Blunkett was in Belgravia until Guido kicked him out (single handedly), goodness only knows (but anyone can guess) what Jowell/Mills have been up to, didn't John Reid pay for his pad through some off-shore fund?
The question isn't so much as right and wrong, but of perception and frankly I would be nice if Labour cut the bull and we returned to the halcyon days of Tory sex scandals and gun freaks
And to finish the sorry scenario, it appears the Lords Appointment Commission, which vets nominations for peerages, is said to be against Dr Patel's candidacy. Why don't you just cut his hand and tip salt and lemon into it too???

Thanks for the heads up!
I never heard the story about the gun freak.

I checked out his name on wikipedia, and he had completely cleaned out all information about his "Rambo" pictures. Putting random stuff about how he worked for an interior design magazine instead.
Like any one gives a f*** about that!

Needless to say, i re-inserted the offending information, and updated the entry with verifiable links.

Freedom of Information and all...
I gave 10p to the Save the Panda charity bloke down the local high street and loaned my mate Dave a quid for a pint, does that mean that I have stocks and shares in the great Bamboo forest of China and can get a free chinese takeaway every Friday night and that Dave now buys me a pint all the time for getting him outta the shit ?
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