Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Martin Fowler: Man of your dreams?


Have been trying to catch as much 'Stenders as possible recently and have been enjoying the marital turmoil experienced by Martin and Sonia. For the unenlightened amongst you, it is not a marriage made in heaven; moreover a marriage consumated in Walford.
A few days ago I had a dream that everyone was shouting in the exact tone of Martin Fowler. I don't know how I recognised the shout as that of Fowler perhaps you'll permit me to put it down as dreamatic licence.
Yet on telling a comrade of my dream, I was startled when she replied that she too had a dream about the fruit and veg seller; namely that he had four penises. What a very strange dream to be having.
So have you ever had a dream about Martin Fowler? Have any of your friends? Please let me know.

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