Wednesday, March 08, 2006

MP swaps Talking Shop for TalkSport

Gorgeous George: Face for radio

George Galloway, the Scarlet Pimpernel of the House of Commons, has devised a new wheeze so as not to properly represent the good burghers of Bethnal Green and Bow. Not satisfied with making an absolute mockery of democracy in the Celebrity Big Brother House, the Gorgeous One will soon be debuting on TalkSport, hosting a weekend evening phone-in.
As he continually spouts, "I've got a reputation for speaking my mind, and even my worst enemies couldn't call me a bore." No, an egomaniac tosser would be closer, and I'm not even his worst enemy. Because basically as bad as George is, I have always found him easier to tolerate when he's not talking about the Middle East. Especially when compared to the right-wing lunatics who currently host non-sport related shows on TalkSport. Of course, I am thinking of monumental a**holes like James Whale, Ian Collins, Charlie Woolf and Mike Dickin.
And I am sure Georgey is only too happy to be accepting the Murdoch Shekel.

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