Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Not quite a dinamo anymore

One of this lot is Doina Melinte. I know it's not barefoot Zola Budd (number 283) but it could be any of the others. Using the national colours I'd guess 641.

Let's get something right straight off. Crime isn't funny, big or clever; it doesn't pay. Unless you keep an eye on Romania. Seriously, if it's a laugh you're after Romania's the place. Whether it's football teams struggling to get the concept of the Euro and dealing in meat or Priests getting sexual and political post-Ceausescu Romania is certainly quite the hot-spot. And it is with this firmly in mind that I was not surprised to discover that 1984 Olympic gold medallist Doina Melinte was recently mugged and the muggers outran her! Sadly, no longer quite the athlete she once was, Melinte (49) could not stop them. That's age and the fact that she is no longer pumped full of the various illegal drug concoctions for which the Soviet bloc are so fondly remembered. It remains undisclosed whether any of the muggers set personal bests (PB).

Thank God Romania aren't allowed in the Commonwealth Games. England might not win any athletics' medals.
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