Wednesday, March 29, 2006

(Pris)Cilla, Queen of the Dessert

Cilla doing her best Jack Nicholson as the Joker impression

Ever since time began Cilla (62) has been on TV. Before that she sang in Liverpool. She has fronted such programmes as Surprise, Surprise and Blind Date. However, she has been off the small screen for a number of years. Yet fear not for Cilla is back. Eating with... Cilla sees the Scouse gastronome talk about her life in relation to key foods. Sound sh*t? You betcha!
Whilst researching this post I found this rather amusing little anecdote about Cilla:

I can always remember many years ago, talking to Cilla after one of the "live " shows in Eastbourne - and I asked her if she ever thought she might forget the words of any of her songs while singing on stage.

She just laughed and said that she was more worried about singing what she was thinking of at the particular time....usually about what she was going to have to eat after the show! So she was afraid she might sing out "steak and chips!" or something! So I guess she's always been fond of her food!

Hilarious! Lovely story that.
And that tasty morsel was posted on a chatboard by a man called Ken.

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