Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Same Old Tory B*stards

I was just about to do a post on Mikey Carroll, the self-proclaimed King of Bling, when a friend rang me asking to sign him in. So I saunter downstairs and am walking from Norman Shaw South to Portcullis House and am holding the door open as becomes people with manners and Messrs Cameron and Osborne barge straight past without a by or leave, nevermind a thank you.
This is not the first time I have been dissed by high ranking Tories as I have been previously shamed by Michael Howard and George, Iain and D*ckhead-Smith as reported here by the always-on-the-ball Recess Monkey. So if we accept that Gideon is to be the next Tory leader it would mean I have been victim to the lack of manners of the last FOUR (if we accept George, Iain and D*ckhead-Smith as one person) leaders.
After those TWO RUDE TORY MEN walked past, Lynne Featherstone (the always polite Lib Dem MP for Hornsey and Wood Green) looked at me - we had eye contact (in the manner of star-crossed lovers, or a hypnotist and patient) and both shook our heads at these inconsiderate people. GIVE THEM ASBOs. IT'S THE ONLY LANGUAGE THEY UNDERSTAND.
So well done Lynne and also Nadine Dorries, Tory MP for somewhere in Bedford, for saying thank you (I must have held the door open for about 10 people in what felt like waiting for the funeral cortege at the beginning of You Only Live Twice to pass).
And thanks to Cameron and Osborne you'll have to wait til tomorrow for the Mikey Carroll post.

Hilary Armstrong did the same to me a few weeks ago, so it isn't just the Tories, in fact I think Margret Beckett ignored me once as well for holding doors open. I admit it is bloody rude though
The worst offender is Ann Winterton - total bitch
I hate it when people do that!

You should have held the door open just long enough to let it hit them in the face unexpectedly.

It's not assault.
Um, the impression I get of those 2 idiots is young me, old tories
Prezza did it to a friend of mine I was showing around a couple of years ago. My friend still hasn't fotgotten or forgiven him, and is now called by him "That Fat Northern Tosser".
Sad to say it Barry but in my experience Labour MPs are worse than Tories in the rudeness stakes.

I've been meaning to blog about it for a while but an altercation I had with Barry "Charmless Wanker" Sheerman, where he chased me up the escalators by Portcullis House and was then screaming to SAA staff, "Who does he work for? Who does he work for?", really took the biscuit!
I once nipped in front of John Major when his Special Branch officer held the door open for him - I nodded a thank you to the copper.
Sheerman does have the manner of someone who is up for a rumble with any impertinent subordinate.
May I just say, so as to prove this is not party poltical, that Oliver Letwin said thanks when I held the door for him, and he was also on his mobile; so double points
Ken Clarke is always very pleasant in the lift, as is Ming Campbell before he moved to the Palace! A certain MP for Milton keynes is often very sour lookin tho!
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I once came out of a disabled toilet in Portcullis House only to bump straight into David Blunkett. I held the door for him, but his only comment was that there had 'been a run on the toilets'.

Oliver Letwin gets a double thumbs up. He engaged in some charming small talk with me a few months back when he was waiting to speak to my boss when he was out of the office.
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