Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Shameful episode continues as Wembley lays off staff

Lay offs galore

It was as if Sir Alan Sugar entered Wembley looked around, surveyed the mess, found a few workers and uttered the immortal "YOU'RE FIRED". Of course not, because for all that Sir Alan is accused he is actually a successful businessman. So this must be down to the Circus from Down Under, Multiplex who have laid off hundreds of steelworkers, scaffolders and welders.
Some points become obvious very quickly: firstly, it aint their fault it's all running late and secondly who the f*ck is going to finish the job? Last week some girder fell off the roof and there are also problems with the sewage system (the last time so much sh*t was seen in Wembley was when Leicester City reached the Worthington Cup final). Unions have been quick to denounce these sackings, advising their members to continue working as their is still work to do.
What a shambles.

Update: I heard a rumour today that Multiplex had actually folded and were skint. It'll be interesting to see if there's any truth in this.

Hands up if you played football at the old Wembley...

Whey Hey!! Wot happened to you mate ? We all thought that your missus had killed you after last friday's little tiff! Good to know that she didn't chop all your fingers off let alone your little man.
Ask Charlton. He set up a missing persons beureau for you.
Just seen Charlton. See apology on his site.
The fault of this shambles lays totally at the door of multiplex... well known cowboys of the trade who are incapable of managing a job let alone wiping their own arses.

Paying companies day rate for massive projects is not my idea of sound management...
firstly, who in the name of the lord is called charlton?

secondly, yes multiplex cocked up, they bought the job in the first place, and have made mistakes ever since. however, when it is eventually finished it's gonna kick the tits off anything else you ever did see, and multiplex are bigger than all of your mother's put together, wembley national stadium is small fry for this bad boy
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