Thursday, March 09, 2006

T-t-t-that's (McC)all Folks!

Davina McCall = Worst ever BBC ratings

I'm not sure I can be objective on this one, I really really can't stand Davina McCall. I really dislike her hosting style. Constant shouting and screaming.
She hosted the perhaps most-stupid-idea-for-a-programme-ever-ever in "He's Having a Baby". However, not to be put-off by a flop of impotant proportions the BBC bean counters decided in their infinite wisdom to give Davina her own chat show. Entitled "Davina". BBC 1 controller Chris Fincham commented: "Since Michael Parkinson left we haven't had a chat show before the news that's in peak time...I think Davina is rather special and viewers really like her. I'm really glad she's here." Has this guy been sharing Pete Doherty's bong?
Amazingly, "Davina" wasn't the saviour of the Beeb and the notion of this show adding a bit of Saturday dazzle to Wednesday evening was somewhat dampened when the debut show was defeated in ratings by Channel 4's "Relocation, Relocation" - and that with stellar guest like Vernon Kay, Tess Daly, Charlotte Church and Julian Clary. That's gay Julian Clary, rather than Tory MP for Guildford, and Clary look-a-like, Anne Milton.

The latest episode of "Davina" tanked badly in fact BBC1 recorded its worst ever peak-time performance on Wednesday - thanks in part to Davina McCall's increasingly unpopular chat show. Even with grade A celeb guests like Jordan, Girls Aloud and Eamonn Holmes viewing ratings are dropping off quicker than octogenarians in a bitter winter.
Over the next fortnight some form of sanity prevails with the showing being put forward to accomodate football.

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