Monday, March 06, 2006

Wanted: Old Tories

Down with the kids, the So Task-Force Crew

Any old Tories? Any old Tories? Any, any, any old Tories? so the old song goes. David 'call me Dave' Cameron has found a new job for Old Tory, Michael Heseltine: to head the new Cities Task Force. Yes, it's safe to go out again; cos Dave's Tories are nice!
Erstwhile, leader of the Tories, George Iain and Duncan Duncan-Smith is head of the Social Justice Policy Group and, to complete the unholy triumvirate, Ken Clarke heads up the Democracy Task Force.
OK, so this is what the people of Britain are facing? For those of us with a memory span longer than that of a goldfish it appears almost foreign for the Conservatives to give any time to Inner-City regeneration, Social Justice and Democracy. Surely this is not a case of spin (spin is a b*stard thing invented by Messrs Blair, Campbell and Mandelsson).
Future Conservative groups are rumoured to be: The Future Task Force (chaired by Annesley Abercorn); The Anglicism-is-too-Liberal Task Force (headed up by Anne Widdecombe), the British Sword of Truth Task Force (step forward Jonathan Aitken) and the Reality TV Task Force (an honour thought to be jointly bestowed on the Hamiltons and Derek Laud)

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