Friday, March 24, 2006

When a name says so much about the person

Cllr you Caunt be serious

I am sorry for posting a lot on football and cricket. It’s just that I like sport loads. However, don’t think for one iota that I have lost my passion for local politics. So it’s with great joy that I turn to Dudley, the place forever damned with the Lenny Henry accent. The leader of the Council is one David Caunt, Cllr Caunt to his friends. And guess what? He’s a Tory.
This man wears his failures like a badge of honour. Recent ‘you didn’t wanna do that’ blunders include shutting the local swimming bath (inspired when we have just got the 2012 Olympics) and attempting to shut local schools (although the Schools Adjudicator has just flipped him the bird and told him he can’t – not Caunt!). However, the coup de grace is his group’s decision, after much pressure, to give the people of Stourbridge a pedestrian crossing. Good news, eh? Not when the crossing is slap bang in front of a Fire Station. Does the collective Council brain-trust think making it slower for fire engines to get to 999 calls is sound decision making?
Intensive research shows that the 4 local MPs have continually harangued and criticised the hapless loon who defended himself with the most surreal riposte imaginable. He said the MPs should keep their beaks out of it and concentrate on matters Westminster. This is the ultimate Royston Vasey approach to politics: LOCAL POLITICS FOR LOCAL PEOPLE. Ironic that Dudley Council is run by a bunch of duds. Avid politicos may be interested that in a poll taken just after the General Election, Cllr Caunt was recognised by 4% of people asked. In the same poll Peter Andre was recognised by 92%.

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